Illustration by Sarah Dixon


I was lucky enough to receive 2 pictures back in 2017 as a wedding gift from some friends, every since then I have been in love with Sarah’s creations! This year Sarah did a painting for me to gift to one of my friends who had just had her first baby. I finally managed to gift it last week and she loves it. Thanks for all your help Sarah! X
Mary Chalmers Green
This is the 4th time that Sarah has produced some art work for me and I can honestly say she never disappoints . This piece was for a retirement gift with a few specific details that I wanted to incorporate and what she delivered was more perfect than I could of imagined , and the friend that it was ordered for was beyond happy and delighted with such a personal and one of a kind gift . Your a truly talented lady Sarah , thank you once again !
Nicki Heath
Thank you so much Sarah! 😍😍 It is such a great painting of the family. Throughout the process Sarah has been very helpful in understanding what we liked to have in it. Providing an initial sketch was really useful and allowed input in terms of colours, clothes etc. The final presentation of the painting was really professional and topped off a brilliant present. Thanks again Sarah and would 195766% recommend getting one done. 👍🏻👍🏻
Matthew Collard